Appalachian Christian Academy

  • Beginning the school year  2007-2008, ACA implemented a uniform policy for grades 
    K-9.  The basic uniform consists of the following articles of clothing:

    1.  Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers:  Navy, Khaki, or Black
         Pants may be of the uniform style or cargo style; no jeans or corduroys.  Shorts, skirts,   
         skorts, and jumpers need to reach the knee.

    2.  Polo shirts: 
         Uniform standard polo shirts may be short or long sleeved, with a 
         placket (3-4 buttons) and a collar.  Shirts need to be of the regular 
         uniform standard--no colored stripes, lace, ruffles, darts or other
         embellishments.  A navy polo needs to be monogrammed with the ACA 
         logo for field trips and programs.

    3.  Shoes:  Athletic/ tennis shoes, of student choice

    4.  Outerwear:  Sweaters, jackets, and coats, of student choice (solid in color if worn in classroom)

    5.   Field Trip UniformBlue logoed polo shirt worn with khaki.